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Wrongful Termination

Connecticut is an at-will employment state. An employer may fire an at-will employee for any reason or no reason, but not for a reason that violates an important public policy. For example, if you are fired in retaliation for raising a concern regarding a workplace safety issue or your employer’s failure to properly pay taxes, you could have a common law claim for wrongful discharge.

Contract/Severance Negotiation

Employment contracts can be obvious, such as when they cover terms of employment in advance, including non-compete agreements. Less obvious are the contractual provisions in a stock option offer, or in an employment manual, or when an employer makes oral promises to an employee.

Severance agreements can affect everything from the continuation of your benefits to future employment options. These typically offer attractive terms for a promise not to file claims against the employer. The legal restrictions and financial concessions in these agreements may not be in the employee’s best interest. We can assist you in reviewing your severance agreement and negotiating to protect your rights.

Workers’ Compensation Retaliation

Workers’ Compensation insurance covers you if you have been injured at work. It compensates you for lost time from work, as well as for damages due to injuries or conditions that resulted from work-related injuries. Unfortunately, employers sometimes retaliate against employees who are injured at work and seek workers’ compensation benefits. Injured employees can be terminated, disciplined, demoted, or suffer other unfair and illegal treatment, but they have a right to seek justice.


The Connecticut Judicial Branch has reported that less than 2% of all civil cases end in a verdict. Instead, there is a settlement, arrived at through mediation. We have resolved hundreds of disputes this way. We reached these settlements months, and sometimes years, before the cases would have finally been presented in court.

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